NAF, Nordic Accountant Federation, thanks you for attending the annual convention/webinar about important trends for the future of the accounting industry.

This year's Convention featured a variety of topics, and speakers from the major Nordic companies and organisations in the industry.

The webinar covered important topics such as IT-security and money laundering, sustainability reporting and advisory in the industry. Another topic that was discussed was weather you have to be big to survive in the industry. We also compared trends across national borders and had a look at the impact of payroll. 

Here are the presentations from the Webinar:



- Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 09:00 am-12:00 pm (CET)

09:00-09:05 Opening webinar by moderator Alia Hammami, Regnskap Norge
09:05-09:15 An introduction to Nordic Accountant Federation / Welcome Denmark 

Rune Aale-Hansen, CEO, Regnskap Norge /

Peter Skjerning, CEO, Cereda

09:15-09:55 Challenges and trends in each country Rune Aale-Hansen, CEO, Regnskap Norge /
Frans Blom, Chairman, SRF Konsulterna /
Anu Keski-Filppula, Co-chairman, Suomen Taloushallintoliitto ry
09:55-10:05 Break  
10:05-10:20 Future industry: do you have to be big to survive? Otto-Pekka Huhtala, CEO, Talenom Oyj
10:20-10:40 Advisory in the industry Mikael Vannar, Ekonomikonsult i Malmfälten AB
10:40-11:00 IT-security and money laundering Hans Christian Ellefsen, technology and innovation, Regnskap Norge
11:00-11:05 Break  
11:05-11:25 Impact on payroll Zennie Sjölund, Head of payroll, SRF Konsulterna
11:25-11:55 Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard (NSRS) Siri Nilssen, Group CEO, Amesto Accounthouse /
Ronny Thomas Jenssen, EVP large clients & knowledge, Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset SMN AS
11:55-12:00 Summary by moderator Alia Hammami


NAF, Nordic Accountant Federation, is a collaboration between the accounting organisations from Sweden, Norway and Finland. NAF is a platform for more than 15 000 authorized accountants and is also developing principles and standards for professional accountants in the nordic countries.


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